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It is an invention with an unlimited future
Stem cell development is a great invention for good health, longevity, youthfulness and beauty.

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As early as 2003, scientists have discovered a unique type of apple tree in a forest 3,797 meters above sea level in the Alps of Northern Switzerland. This apple tree possesses unique and amazing properties. When the bark and the skin of unplucked apples were scratched, they miraculously healed by themselves. In addition, when the apples were plucked, they were able to stay fresh for many months compared to ordinary apples. This has led to the development of ‘Apple Collagen Stem Cells’ which possess self-healing properties.


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ONE Repairs damaged cells
Exposure of the human body to the hazards of everyday life including air pollution, ultra-violet rays and the ingestion of unsuitable and hazardous food (colouring, preservatives, hormonal remnants, remains of agricultural chemicals and dangerous chemicals) have led to internal and external imbalance, accumulation of large amounts of free radicals and radiation which have eroded cell membranes, resulting in cell damage, inflammation and decline in functions of the organs. Apple Collagen Stem Cells are able to penetrate the human body and detect damaged cells before carrying out repairs to such damaged cells.

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TWO Activate dormant cells
90%-95% of epidermal cells of the human body are dormant. A single epidermal cell is capable of splitting up into some 4 million active cells. Due to internal and external imbalance, these epidermal cells become dormant easily, resulting in slow metabolism. As a result, the skin loses elasticity and luster and black spots, wrinkles, roughness and dryness develop. After Apple Collagen Stem Cells enter the human body, they activate the dormant epidermal cells and as a result, problems of the epidermis are improved, allowing you to enjoy healthier and more beautiful skin.

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THREE Regeneration of cells
Human stem cells are dormant , under normal biological conditions and it is only when they receive the proper signal that they will become active and carry out cell fission for renewal and repair purposes, replacing old and dead cells as well as repairing damaged tissues. Apple Stem Cells is the ‘signal for the stem cells of the body to activate themselves! It promotes regeneration of cells, bringing you good health and tender, elastic skin.



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SALMON SPAWN Highly Active Collagen from Japan

Salmon spawn extract Is a bio-compound extracted from the aqueous portion of salmon spawn. It is rich in proteins and nucleotides which are important to the immune system and the storage of nutrients. Salmon spawn contains anti oxidants such as Asta-xanthin which is pink in colour. The Asta-xanthin contained in salmon spawn is the strongest anti-oxidant known. Asta-xanthin is common in the natural world and recently, scientist have found that Its anti-oxidation effects are 500 to 1000 times stronger than Vitamin E. It is 10 times higher compared to carrots. As such, salmon spawn is also become known as the “Hormone of the Ocean” and it is very suitable for health and beauty purposes, resisting ageing Improving hair growth and improving blood circulation to the organs of the human body.

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BIRD’S NEST ACID Provide Nourishment
Human tissues, cow and goat’s milk, chicken eggs, cheese or animal tissues contain amylatic acid. The amylatic acid contained in bird’s nest is as high as 10%, and as such, scientists have termed it Bird’s Nest Acid. Bird’s nest is able to provide nourishment, calm down nerves, improve the intake of oxygen, improve physical weakness, nourish the spleen and lungs and also stop cough. Aristocrats of ancient limes as well as the great Emperor Chan Long and Empress Dowager of the Cling Dynasty have used bird’s nest as a common nourishment in the royal kitchens. Bird’s Nest acid refers to the active 10% of acid contained in bird’s nest which is most potent and with efficacious therapeutic effects. Bird’s nest acid is specially used in beautifying skin, improving brain power, promoting the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the intestines and fortifying immunity as well as resisting various :ypes of bacteria.

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ELASTIC COLLAGEN The Secret To Elasticity Of The Skin!
Natural collagen and elastic collagen extracts from the deep seas of France contains the same amount of gold contained in the dermis of human beings. Its molecules are smaller compared to any collagen product sold in the market. It is quickly absorbed into the human skin. and Is necessary for the repair of cracked skin, providing moisturization for dry skin and removing wrinkles while providing the skin with better elasticity.




Apple Collagen Stem Cells are suitable for everyone. This is because it is able to activate dormant cells, repair damaged cells and stimulate the regeneration of cells. It is specially suitable for those suffering from skin problems:

1. Dull skin without luster or which appears dark or yellowish.
2. Dry and rough skin.
3. Loose skin which Is inelastic.
4. White spots, black spots and pigmentation of the skin.
5. Pimples and acne.
6. Preserves youthfulness, better skin metabolism.
7. Those who constantly put on makeup and suffer from skin problems.
8. Apple Collagen Stem Cells may be used for beauty and health purposes during adolescence and menopause.
9. Serious skin sensitivity and skin problems. It may be used in conjunction with other medication in accordance with professional advice.


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